Five tips to make the most of your Maine vacation any time of year

Fall along the coast of Maine. Packodawgs Photography photo.

Fall along the coast of Maine. Packodawgs Photography photo.

No matter what time of year and how long or short, vacations are your time to unwind, and finally give yourself permission to relax. An added bonus, of course, is beautiful Maine scenery and great food, and while having fun on the coast of Maine is goal number one, recharging the batteries and rekindling the romance are wonderful side effects of getting away too.  Inns Along the Coast are a group of welcoming B&Bs each specializing in their own unique way in providing the ideal environment for rest, relaxation and romance.  To ensure that your special Inns Along the Coast vacation is as perfect as it can be, here are a few tips for packing, booking and having fun.

Packing for Perfection

Some travelers believe in packing the bare minimum and others want the vast maximum while on vacation.  Women tend to prefer having choices of outfits, whereas men will bring a change of clothes, and a pair of comfortable shoes and be happy.  No matter how you prefer to pack, the key is to bring clothing and footwear that will be suitable for your adventure.  If you plan some hiking, boating or outdoor adventure, don’t forget a jacket and the right kind of shoes.  If all you want to do is sit by the fire, read a good book, and snuggle, then don’t forget the comfy clothes and the good book. The rest is up to you!  Remember, fall on the Maine Coast is often filled with crisp mornings and warmer afternoons, so pack accordingly.

Consider a package or itinerary

While some travelers want to plan their getaways or simply come with no itinerary, others would prefer to leave the planning to someone else.  The Inns Along the Coast have created a nice 6-day package, offering the chance to visit three different parts of Maine’s Coast and three different inns. There are a number of themed itineraries too, including everything from foodie adventures, to art and cultural itineraries.  There’s even a wonderful itinerary suggesting the ideal way to drink your way up or down the coast of Maine.

Champagne and chocolates add to the romance. Photo from Berry Manor Inn. Jumping Rocks photo.

Champagne and chocolates add to the romance. Photo from Berry Manor Inn. Jumping Rocks photo.

Arrive hungry and set the diet aside

Inns are all about pampering. And great vacations always involve memorable food too.  One of the best ways to indulge yourself in a getaway is to pamper your appetite too. Plan to dine at some of the great restaurants in town; your innkeeper will be happy to tell you all about the options and give you the inside scoop on service and specials.  Then, every one of the Inns Along the Coast will serve a sumptuous breakfast to start the day and offer afternoon refreshments, teas or homemade pie and ice cream.  You’ll be well fed, we assure you, so leave the diet at home and enjoy every morsel.

Go unplugged

Vacations are all about unplugging.  And while each of the Inns Along the Coast offer up free wi-fi and TVs in rooms, allow your Maine Coastal vacation to be one where you can finally escape all the political ads.  You’ll start feeling the sense of relief the minute you walk into the door of one of the Inns Along the Coast.  Of course, you can leave the number for the inn with those who might need to reach you at home, just to give yourself that sense of security, but plan to turn off the electronics and focus on the two of you. There’ll be plenty of time for TV and texting when you return home.

Have Fun!

This one’s simple, but surprisingly often forgotten. Have fun during your Maine vacation, and make the best of not only the adventure and scenery but also your time away from the demands of jobs and home.  Take in a view of the stars from the porch of the inn and the crackling fire in the hearth. Watch the sun rise or sleep in. Have a cup of tea or a glass of fine wine, and forget about your work and routine while you’re gone. Most of all, as they say “love the one you’re with”. If you can do this, you will have the best time while reviving, refreshing and rejuvenating along Maine’s coast.

Fireside chats and relaxing happen in the common rooms at Inns Along the Coast. Shown here: Captain Jefferds Inn. Photo by Jumping Rocks Photography.

Fireside chats and relaxing happen in the common rooms at Inns Along the Coast. Shown here: Captain Jefferds Inn. Photo by Jumping Rocks Photography.

When you go

Of course, you’ll find all the info you need about the 8 Inns Along the Coast However, if you should want to reach out to any or all of the Inns Along the Coast directly, here’s the info you’ll need.  We look forward to welcoming you soon for your tasty trip to the Maine Coast. 

In Kennebunkport:

Captain Jefferds Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-839-6844, 207-967-2311, Erik and Sarah Lindblom

In Freeport

Brewster House Inn: Email:, website: , reservations: 207-865-4121Innkeepers: Dave Noel & Kelleigh Dulany.

In Newcastle

Newcastle Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 207-563-5685, Innkeeper: Julie Bolthuis and her four-legged assistant innkeeper, Jabu.

In Rockland:

Berry Manor Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-774-5692/ Business line: 207-596-7696, Innkeepers:  Cheryl Michaelsen & Mike LaPosta

Granite Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 207-594-9036, 800-386-9036.  Innkeepers:  Ed & Joan Hantz

LimeRock Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-546-3762, 207-594-2257. Innkeepers:  PJ Walter & Frank Isganitis

In Camden

Hawthorn Inn: Email:, website:,  207-236-8842, Your hosts: Ted & Lisa Weiss

n Bar Harbor:

Saltair Inn Waterfront B&B: E-Mail:, website:, 207-288-2882, Innkeepers: Kristi & Matt Losquadro.