Three great reasons to choose an inn vs a vacation rental or hotel along the Maine coast


Today’s traveler has so many options for lodging.  Less than 20 years ago, travelers chose to stay at either an inn or B&B, a Mom and Pop motels or a hotel along the coast of Maine.  Now, those who travel from Kennebunkport to Bar Harbor have so many choices for lodging it’s almost overwhelming. Between Maine’s vacation rentals, condos, resorts, hotels, campgrounds, inns and B&Bs, the options are dizzying.  With the rise of Airbnb in Maine, not to mention all the choices offered by third party booking engines like Expedia, TripAdvisor and…oh yes and discounters like Groupon…travelers are bombarded with messages about places to stay when traveling.  Inns Along the Coast, a consortium of nine eclectic inns and B&Bs, collectively offer something that the rest of these Maine lodging options can’t offer:  Local, fresh and insightful experiences.

This blog is dedicated to offering ideas for inngoers along the coast of Maine.  We’re here today to explain what sets Inns Along the Coast apart from all the other lodging options between Bar Harbor, Midcoast Maine, Freeport and Kennebunkport


Your Mom always told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Ask any innkeeper, and they’ll agree.  And the breakfast you’re served at any of the Inns Along the Coast will not only be fresh, delicious and original, but will also be complimentary for all in your travel party.  Stay at a vacation rental, motel or hotel and you’ll either be heading out to a restaurant for breakfast or making it yourself in your scantly equipped kitchen.  It’s only at an inn or B&B that you can start the day out with a multi-course, hand-cooked and planned breakfast – the way your day should start.

Strawberry bomb with Cardamon Yogurt prepared for Brewster House Inn guests.

Strawberry bomb with Cardamon Yogurt prepared for Brewster House Inn guests.

Dutch Apple Pie Toast created by Chef Daniel at LimeRock Inn.

Dutch Apple Pie Toast created by Chef Daniel at LimeRock Inn.

In-house itinerary planning & best secret spots

Innkeepers have a knack for creating the best itineraries.  They’re not just keepers of the inns, they are local experts who not only know but have experienced everything from the best swimming holes to the best watering holes.  Unlike hotel concierge who’ll steer you toward their own restaurant or front desk people at area motels busy waiting on all guests, your innkeeper will not only share the best places for a lobster dinner but will make reservations for you.  Your vacation rental doesn’t come with a knowledgeable built-in concierge focused on creating perfect local experiences for their guests like the Inns Along the Coast do.  Oh yes, and a hug goodbye too. Just sayin.

The little extras

Stay at a hotel and the little extras like water, homemade afternoon snacks, fully stocked guest pantries, not to mention fluffy robes and homemade pie will certainly add up.  Each of the Inns Along the Coast offer guests extra amenities you won’t find at other lodging choices. You’ll be treated to coffee, tea, water, and sodas plus snacks for the road at the 24/7 guest pantries at LimeRock Inn, Newcastle Inn and Saltair Inn.  At Captain Jefferds Inn, enjoy a complimentary early evening reception with wine and light hors d’oeuvres.  At Granite Inn, guests are treated to the bottomless cookie jar. And at Aysgarth Station B&B, Brewster House Inn and Hawthorn Inn, you’ll enjoy freshly baked treats each afternoon.  Berry Manor Inn is famous for their homemade pie topped off with ice cream (if you wish) offered to guests each day.  All of these extra perks are complimentary with a stay.  And all of these extras are found at these inns only – not at Airbnbs, motels, and if you find them at hotels, you’ll pay dearly.

Homemade pie served every night at Berry Manor Inn.

Homemade pie served every night at Berry Manor Inn.

You’d think that with all these extras these Inns Along the Coast would cost more than their counterparts.  Well, yes, it’s more expensive to stay at an inn or B&B than at a campground, but when you compare the rates of a Maine vacation rental or hotel/resort – with similar amenities as these inns – you’ll find that you’ll actually save money between the rates and amenities by staying at the Inns Along the Coast.  We know travelers are looking for upscale travel experiences, and while the settings vary among each of the inns, you’ll find local experiences, locally knowledgeable innkeepers/hosts and anything but “cookie cutter” styled accommodations at the nine Inns Along the Coast.

Beautiful peonies from the gardens at Hawthorn Inn.

Beautiful peonies from the gardens at Hawthorn Inn.

Today’s travelers have many lodging options to choose from, and we’re so grateful when guests choose to stay at Inns Along the Coast. When you’re making your reservations this year, book direct for the best price.

In Newcastle

Newcastle Inn:  Email:, Website:, reservations: 207-563-5685, Your hosts: Julie Bolthuis and her four-legged assistant innkeeper, Jabu.

In Rockland:

Berry Manor Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-774-5692/ Business line: 207-596-7696, Innkeepers:  Cheryl Michaelsen & Mike LaPosta

Granite Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 207-594-9036, 800-386-9036.  Innkeepers:  Ed & Joan Hantz

LimeRock Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-546-3762, 207-594-2257. Innkeepers:  Daniel and Ashley Bonneau and their daughter, Vieve.

In Bar Harbor:

Saltair Inn Waterfront B&B: E-Mail:, website:, 207-288-2882, Innkeepers: Kristi & Matt Losquadro.

Aysgarth Station B&B: Email:, website:, 207-288-9655, Innkeeper: Melody Kronenberg.

In Camden

Hawthorn Inn: Email:, website:,  207-236-8842, Your hosts: Ted & Lisa Weiss

In Freeport

Brewster House B&B: Email:, website:, 207-865-4121, Your hosts: Dave Noel & Kelleigh Dulany

In Kennebunkport:

Captain Jefferds Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-839-6844, 207-967-2311, Erik and Sarah Lindblom