All the little extras really do add up

By Marti Mayne

When I travel, I like to stay in B&Bs and inns.  They’re just so welcoming and accommodating.  However, during peak periods, it can be difficult to find rooms at local B&Bs, as they tend to book up first.  The lesson here is to book early.  In Burlington, VT, where there are a number of colleges and universities, this is often the case during peak times when students are coming and going from school or during family weekends and graduations.  Luckily, this is not something that happens as often along the Maine Coast, except during peak summer weekends and fall foliage season. Side note: we suggest that everyone book their rooms early at the nine Inns Along the Coast, or forever hold your peep.

Fall color along Midcoast Maine. Photo by  PJ Walter Photography .

Fall color along Midcoast Maine. Photo by PJ Walter Photography.

Back to the story.  With no inns available, I turned to the local Day’s Inn where I found a room in nearby Colchester, VY when taking my daughter back to school this fall.  The room was okay, the breakfast was nothing like a fabulous B&B breakfast, but filled the void.  When I went to check out I was asked if I’d used the safe in he room.  “No, I didn’t,” I responded, “why?”.  It turns out there’s an extra fee (plus tax) for using the safe in the room. Despite the fact that I didn’t use the safe, I was charged for it.  This took precious time to un-do the charge, and the convoluted explanation was that because they have the safes in the room, they have to pay insurance for them, and the safe fee covers the insurance.  I’m just glad they don’t charge to use the TV because they have to pay a cable bill.

All of this got me thinking about all the extras that guests are not charged for at Inns Along the Coast. 

Dutch Apple Pie Toast is one of the many beautiful courses prepared by Daniel at the LimeRock Inn. LimeRock Inn photo.

Dutch Apple Pie Toast is one of the many beautiful courses prepared by Daniel at the LimeRock Inn. LimeRock Inn photo.

A hearty homecooked breakfast for all is included

Breakfasts are an artform at many of the Inns Along the Coast. Each of the nine innkeepers take great care to offer breakfasts that are thoughtfully prepared, healthy, local, hot and delicious.  Special diets or orders don’t upset us.  Rather than pawing through a bland choice of cold cereals (that tasted stale), overcooked and processed eggs, and toast-yourself breads like at Day’s Inn, expect a multi-course,colorful, and straight-from-the-kitchen breakfast at all of the nine Inns Along the Coast.  You’ll leave the breakfast table ready to enjoy a day on the Maine Coast.

Afternoon Refreshments

Whether it’s the bottomless cookie jar at the Granite Inn,  the fabulous homemade cookies and afternoon sweets at Hawthorn Inn, Aysgarth Station B&B or Newcastle Inn, or the homemade pies and ice cream that have made Berry Manor Inn famous, you’ll find extra goodies and beverages at all of the Inns Along the Coast.  Don’t miss the complimentary afternoon wine and cheese reception at the Captain Jefferds Inn and the 24/7 snacks available at LimeRock Inn or Saltair Inn.  All of the inns offer complimentary water, coffee, teas and more. 

Charging station at Captain Jefferds Inn.

Charging station at Captain Jefferds Inn.

Free wi-fi, charging stations and Parking

There are no extra fees for using the wi-fi or parking at any of the Inns Along the Coast.  In fact, if you’re driving an electric car, many of the inns offer free charging stations for Teslas and hybrid/electric cars.  Be sure to ask about these facilities when you book.  Unlike bigger city hotels, which tack on a hefty fee for parking and use of the wi-fi, you’ll find complimentary parking included at all of the Inns Along the Coast. 

Either way, you won’t be nickeled and dimed with fees (plus tax) for the many extras you find at the Inns Along the Coast.  You won’t need a safe in your room – the buildings are safe and secure.  However, if you find one, you can be assured you will not be charged for use of it.  Better yet, book directly with the inn and you’ll also find the best price. Sign up for the inns’ newsletters and you’ll be the first to learn about special offers and packages too. 

In Freeport

Brewster House B&B: Email:, website:, 207-865-4121, Your hosts: Dave Noel & Kelleigh Dulany & family.

In Kennebunkport:

Captain Jefferds Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-839-6844, 207-967-2311, Erik and Sarah Lindblom.

In Newcastle

Newcastle Inn:  Email:, Website:, reservations: 207-563-5685, Your hosts: Julie Bolthuis and her four-legged assistant innkeeper, Jabu.

In Rockland:

Berry Manor Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-774-5692/ Business line: 207-596-7696, Innkeepers:  Cheryl Michaelsen & Mike LaPosta

Granite Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 207-594-9036, 800-386-9036.  Innkeepers:  Ed & Joan Hantz

LimeRock Inn: Email:, website:, reservations: 800-546-3762, 207-594-2257. Innkeepers:  Daniel and Ashley Bonneau and their daughter, Vieve.

In Bar Harbor:

Saltair Inn Waterfront B&B: E-Mail:, website:, 207-288-2882, Innkeepers: Kristi & Matt Losquadro.

Aysgarth Station B&B: Email:, website: , 207-288-9655, Innkeeper: Melody Kronenberg.

In Camden

Hawthorn Inn: Email:, website:,  207-236-8842, Your hosts: Ted & Lisa Weiss